Kue Cubit makes me wanna cubbiiiiittttt!!!

Sorry…readers…it’s been awhile since i’ve posted anything…but don’t worry i’ve been busy cooking…just not blogging ;p Blame world of warcraft…i’ve finally got myself into it…& i’m out kicking all the latest bosses in dungeons/raids 😀

But since this is not a gaming blog..but a cooking blog…i will be posting three posts at once…so bear with me!!! I’ve also thought about copyrights…and it would not be right for me to put in ppl’s recipe without acknowledging where the recipes came from!!

I missed kue cubit…and i thought about all those kue cubit’s i’ve found in jkt…it made me drool…i wanted to travel to jkt just to get a kue cubit. I remember this one time..pondok indah mall was having this thing where they had all the popular indonesian cemilan…it was crazy….and I think they should do things like that more often. Point is…i love kue cubit..i used to have it well cooked…but then my auntie told me you can have it half cooked…and ever since then..believe me…half cooked was the way to go!! So what did i do? I dragged mum to carefour at about 9pm with my crazy ideas saying i want to make kue cubit that night. Carrefour has a pretty nice cake section and it’s all there in one section..so it was easy to get everything!!  So, i got home…started making kue cubit & when i was done…i had to take care of my bf…who was very sick at the time..but i thought the kue cubit would help make him better ;p

Kue Cubit

Kue Cubit Recipe Source: http://resepcampur.blogspot.com/2007/03/kue-cubit.html


  • 4 butir telur ayam
  • 100 ml air
  • 20 g cake emulsifier (TBM,VX,Ovalet) The thing is…i think that there is a difference between these…one is a pengembang kue & the other is something else..and I think it does make  a difference..what do you think readers? I ended up using Ovalet)
  • 185 g gula pasir (Make sure to use gulaku..or a very fine grained gula….)
  • 350 g tepung terigu Segi Tiga Biru
  • 2 g vanili bubuk
  • 3 g baking powder
  • 50 g margarin, lelehkan

Cara membuat:

  • Kocok telur, air, gula, cake emulsifier selama 2 menit
  • Masukkan terigu, vanili dan baking powder dalam adonan. Kocok lagi selama 1 menit.
  • Masukkan margarin cair, aduk sampai rata.
  • Panaskan cetakan kue cubit, tuang adonan ke dalam lubang-lubang cetakan. ( I had to improvise and use muffin cetakan…can’t find kue cubit cetakan…readers do you know where I can find some in bali?)
  • Masak hingga matang atau setengah matang, sajikan dengan keju parut, selai atau meisjes. (CERES!! is the bomb!) Oh btw readers…it never told me how to cook it, but i  do think it means to cook it over the oven. I improvised once again and used the muffin tray over direct heat…like when we normally cook..and i think that was a big mistake because it burned the muffin pan 😦 But i mean like..how else are we supposed to check if it’s half cooked and a the ceres at the right time..if it’s inside the oven…lol…gimme tips readers…i’m confused about this…!)

Kue Cubit...so cute!!

At the end of the recipe…here’s what i thought…something in that recipe is too strong…too much…and although it tasted alright..that 1 thing just overtook the overall flavour of it. I’m not sure..if it’s because of the ovalet…because i have never cooked with ovalet, so it might have been that. I would though…try a different recipe..but don’t worry readers..i’ll do that for you! 😀 my obsession with kue cubit ends here…I have succesfully made kue cubit so i don’t have to fly to jkt to get some…it was awesome!! I truly believe i can make anything!!!



  1. victor Said:

    hihihi.. ada yang disummon malem2.. ;p dibawain martabak sama kue cubit lagi.. wohohoho.. yum2.. thankiezz hunn.. 🙂

    • jendulz Said:

      hihihihi your welcome!!!!!!!! wish i could just teleport or hearth back tho 😀

      • victor Said:

        bubble and hearth LOL!.. ;p

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