Sosis Solo is as Solo as it can get!

Lol…i don’t know if Sosis Solo really originated from Solo…you know how Indonesia always has the weirdest names for things. It’s called a sosis…but its nowhere near a sausage! Lol…if any of you guys…can tell me the story about where Sosis Solo originated, i would love to know!

    Sosis Solo

Bahan untuk kulit:
2 butir telur
150 gram tepung terigu
500 ml santan
1/2 sdt garam
Minyak untuk menggoreng

Bahan untuk isi:
250 gram daging cincang
50 ml santan kental
1/2 sdt garam
1/2 sdt gula
Sedikit minyak untuk menumis

Bumbu yang dihaluskan
5 butir bawang merah
4 siung bawang putih
2 butir kemiri, sangrai
1 sdt ketumbar, sangrai
1/2 sdt jintan

Cara membuat kulit dadar:
Telur dikocok lepas.
Masukkan santan dan garam, aduk rata.
Masukkan terigu sedikit demi sedikit sambil diaduk hingga tidak berbutir. (I felt like even if you put a little bit or a lot at the same time when it mixes with the mix it’s always berbutir! I don’t know how long i stirred and stirred…i think have muscles by now!) To make it easier you should just put in the tepung terigu lewat saringan…so it’s already halus then put it in the mix!
Panaskan wajan teflon datar berdiameter 20 cm, olesi dgn sedikit minyak. Victor blg sih…jd kyk pedagang kue cubit hehehe…
Tuang (1 sendok sayur) adonan ke dalam wajan. <– The first time i read that…i was like…what?!?! masukkin satu sendok sayur? So I ignored it lol. And turns out..omg…it was saying get a vegetable spoon size of the mix. Now this is important…not to put too much…or else it’ll be too thick…terus ntar nga bs digulung jd lumpia! (hehehe here’s my mistake…lol mine was so fat…i couldn’t fold it like an amplop…and jdnya susah tuk digoreng!)
Putar wajan agar terbentuk dadar yg sempurna & masak hingga matang.

Fiuh that was the first part…my tip for the first part is….don’t overcook it…or else the browning will be uneven. Just make sure its cooked enough…even if it still appears white (it almost is like a crepe) and then leave the browning when you fry it so it’s even browning!

Cara membuat isi:
Panaskan sedikit minyak sayur (2-3 sdm).
Tumis bumbu halus sampai berabu harum. Do you hard it is to ulek? IT IS HARD WORK!!! BUT I DID IT!! YAY…I CAN ULEK!!
Masukkan daging cincang, santan, garam, dan gula. My tip for this is ensure that the daging cincang is cooked first before you put in the santan.
Masak terus diaduk hingga matang.

Ambil selembar dadar, taruh 1 sendok makan bahan isi atasnya.
Bungkus seperti amplop, lalu gulung menyerupai lumpia. Ini aku dah bungkus seperti amplop…tp koq…jd susah digulung kyk lumpia ya??
Panaskan minyak agak banyak dlm wajan.
Goreng sosis solo sampai berwarna cokelat keemasan. This is where it should be evenly browned.
Angkat dan tiriskan.

And walah!!! You just made sosis solo!!

Hope ya enjoyed the recipe…i sure had fun making it…and Victor and my Mum seem very proud of me and they think its yummy! 😀

Hehehe check out the results….lol….sorry it’s a bit fat ;p my bad…never misread the instructions! Added a little personal joke to it…hershey kisses…ahhh..a great way to the end the day….

The Fat Sosis Solo



  1. vinae Said:

    sosis solonya endutttttt hahahahaha tapi gpp jen… teruskan yahhhh 😀

    • jendulz Said:

      maklum…yg masak bul2 😀 First try..never seen a sosis solo before!

  2. Angie Said:

    It looks yummy! 😀 I’m glad you’re inspired to do a little something different to your daily routine! That can get boring after awhile. I can’t wait to watch the progress and see what you plan to cook next! Great job so far! xoxo

    • jendulz Said:

      Yay!! haha….wait till its something you do recognize…then u’ll be like wth? lol 😀 i know..we should all do a lil sumthing2 eh 🙂 Well yaknow i’ll cook ya sumthing when im there hehehe

    • jendulz Said: that i think about it…issit cuz i kept on thinking about souvlaki’s while making this…so it ended up as a souvlaki wrap instead?!?!!? lol…

  3. ellaello Said:

    Looks so yummy, Chef! Hehehe.

    I’m from Solo, so I guess I know a little bit about the history of this Sosis Solo.

    Once upon a time, Dutch invaded Indonesia and occupied Solo. The Dutch people loved to eat sausage with tomato or chili sauce. The sausage wrappings were made from pig intestines. It tasted too fatty for Solonese tongue and unconsumable for Solonese muslims. But, they were always drooling when watching the Dutch eating sausages. So, they decided to create Solo style sausage which is safe and will please their Solonese taste buds. And tadaaa, the now known as Sosis Solo was invented. Minced meat/chicken wrapped with egg.

    There are another Dutch/western-inspired cuisine that you should try to make. Bistik Solo, for example, it’s inspired by beef steak. Hehehe.

    Happy cooking!

    • jendulz Said:

      Thank you, i did try my best! Lol..i’m still learning after all…and i promise to improve!

      That’s an interesting Solo history…yeah i understand that sausage is usually Pork! I just discovered that the other day when I went to the US and was about to buy a sausage mcmuffin..thinking that because i can’t buy the bacon n egg mcmuffin..i’d go with the sausage mcmuffin. Good thing i found out it was pork!

      Cheers to the solo people for coming up with a solution to satisfy their drooling taste buds for a “sausage meal”…now we can enjoy it too!

      A skinny sosis solo is preffered tho 😀

  4. tanti Said:

    ohoho… chef jendulz in action…
    one question jen: dapet inspirasi dr mana utk bikin sosis solo? hahaha… bagus bagus jen, lanjutkan!
    mmm… tips ya? kalo tanti sih suka liat2 buku resep trus praktekinnya berimprovisasi, ganti2 bahan yg dipake… maybe you should try this sometime, it’s fun hihihi… happy cooking jenduulz… 😉

    • jendulz Said:

      Hehehe…hmmm well like Julie..i dedcided to follow a cookbook…and the cookbook i’m following is called: Camilan Indo i’m gonna try all the camilan out there ;p i’m really excited…i can’t wait till i try the lemper part!

      Wow…improvise huh…ganti bahan..i don’t think i’m that comfortable to try that yet… not that good of a cook ;p just a normal one…

      But you know what..i understand what you mean..i usually do that when i bake cookies…cuz im comfortable in making cookies…maybe i’ll put in cookies as next month’s theme 😀

  5. victor Said:

    one thing for sure.. its yum yummm.. dum dummm.. poor for you guys that don’t have any chance to taste it.. wohohohohoo.. 😀

    thanks hunn!!..

    • jendulz Said:

      tee hee…glad you liked it! It was one of ur favs…sosis solo…of course my cooking is dedicated to you…! silly boo boo….love ya!

  6. jendulz Said:

    Additional Tip from Fahrul’s wife:

    In order for for the mix to not be berbutir…
    Mix the tepung terigu with the santan first…Because mixing with the egg is what causes it to berbutir….
    it’s too much tepung terigu…so maybe its best to lower the dosage a bit….
    Oh and to use a whisk…because I think whisking it makes the mix…blend better together.

    Thanks for the tip…Fahrul’s Wife 😉

    I’ll be sure to get a whisk..before my next attempt to cook again…which is today!!!!!

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