Jendulz’s Kitchen…

Welcome to the Dudulz kitchen, it is here where I will experiment with all kinds of “stuff”….where i’ll spot out my mistakes…where i’ll make discoveries…and produce miracles!

So what’s going on…why am i starting a cooking blog?

Well here’s the story on my journey back from the US, i watched a movie ” Julie & Julia”…some of you may have already watched some of you may have not. But long story short…I was INSPIRED! This ordinary girl, Julie, who works as a telephone operator just wanted to do something with her life. She was tired of the same old life…work + home  + work + home and she wanted something different! She decided to start a cooking blog which will follow her entire journey as she cooks up all the recipe’s in chef Julia Child’s famous cookbook with a 1 year deadline!

I really enjoyed the movie and the thing is…i’d really like to spice up my “normal” life and just make the most out of it….So…bear with me guys…i’ve got no deadline…i’ve got no exact cookbook i’m following…sorta just trying this and that….

And throw in your comments and tips…you know i need it 😉

i’m just an ordinary working girl…trying to relieve all that stress with the fascinating world of cooking!


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